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New Website Provides Patient Centric Tools

June 8, 2011

One primary goal in the InCyte Pathology website redesign was to provide an educational section enabling patients to better understand their diagnosis.  Studies show that patients who respond best to treatment are the ones who are engaged with the management of their care. These are the same patients who have questions about their illness and treatment options.

InCyte Pathology believes that many patients and their families strive to be better informed about their health.  This translates into better health care decisions.  The “For Patients” portal of the new website was created to meet this need.  It provides a wide spectrum of comprehensive information — from a basic glossary of medical terminology to detailed information about specific diagnoses.

One highly anticipated new feature is the “Ask The Pathologist” web page. InCyte pathologists envisioned this feature that will assist patients to be more engaged and informed.  Helping patients understand their illness enables them to gain control over any fears they may have.  Patients are encouraged to submit their own questions, which will then be answered confidentially by one of InCyte Pathology’s Board Certified pathologists.

“Any patient can become more knowledgeable about his or her health care, while working more closely with their health care professionals, which now includes their pathologist,” explains David C. Hoak, M.D., InCyte Pathology’s Chief Medical Director.


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